Alpine Speedwell, it’s all around us

Alpine Speedwell

Alpine SpeedwellIt’s not always a weed or just a pretty flower

Alpine Speedwell is a member of the Figwort family and in our area, you will find it growing just about everywhere.

I happened to find some growing alongside our house this morning and I wasn’t too sure what it was or if it would be useful for anything.  When I got into our store today I started researching this in “Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast” and in a short time, I came across the entry for Alpine Speedwell (Veronica wormskjoldii).
As it turns out what appears as a simple weed is actually a wonderfully useful herb. Most commonly it has been used as an expectorant for respiratory issues and also has been useful in treating stomach ailments, migraine headaches and as a gargle for throat sores.
Alpine Speedwell has also been used topically to treat a number of skin disorders like eczema and even helps in healing wounds.

Harvesting and usage

You can harvest the herb by cutting it at the stalk while it is in full bloom, you want the flowers, leaves, and stems.   Be sure to wash them thoroughly and then dry them as you would any other herb.

Alpine Speedwell is typically made into an infusion by steeping the herb in water and taking 1 to 1.5 cups per day.

I hope you are able to forage some of this before you mow it all down and add it to your herb stocks.


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