Unexpected surprises

As we are ramping up to open our store in the new Harbor Square Market we are making product to put on the shelves and last night I had a minor disaster.
My math skills completely abandoned me and the lotion base we have been working on came out as soup.  I didn’t want to dump the results right away so I covered it and let it sit overnight.
Surprisingly when I checked it in the morning the oil and water had not really separated, they were water thin but everything was basically staying together.  I took a sample and rubbed it into my hands and it was quite pleasing, though it really wouldn’t work as a lotion.

A little more thinking and I had the perfect use for this.  I added it to some of the liquid castile soap base we had, washed my hands with it and thus was born our base for moisturizing hand soap.

We are looking forward to sharing all of our creations with you very soon.

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