We are adding more great items to our lineup

This last week we have been busy researching other personal care items that we know you are going to love.

For the ladies we are working on a natural deodorant that smells great and won’t leave you sticky or stain our clothes.  Our first formula we are calling Honey Breeze which captures the scent of Lavender and Honeysuckle for a scent you will love all day.

For the gentlemen, and not so gentlemen, we have an amazing beard oil we’ve named Wishkah Whisker Oil.  We use four oils that are focused on providing nutrients to your whiskers while helping to keep the skin under your beard conditioned as well.  We also put together an essential oil blend that enhances the effects of the oils and doesn’t have an overwhelming scent.

We haven’t gone into production with these yet but we will have samples at our booth in Harbor Square.