Bags for Tea and Soap

At long last, we have finally restocked our supply of reusable muslin tea bags.  We were out for a time as we wanted to see if we could find a higher quality bag and we were successful.  These bags are great for brewing teas that have finer leaves like Rooibos and Chai, you can also use them to brew large batches of tea with just one bag.  When you are done brewing your tea you can dump the contents, rinse it off and let it dry for your next brew.

While we were searching for tea bags we also came across these great cotton textured bags for holding soap bars.  These bags are made of organic cotton, hold a 112 gram (that’s 4 ounces) bar of soap, and gives you a nice minor abrasive that can help exfoliate your skin while you wash.

Be sure to come in and sample our tea of the day, English Breakfast with Raspberry leaf and Stevia.  English Breakfast tea is a great mental stimulator with powerful antioxidants and Raspberry leaf is great for digestive issues, cramps as well as imparting a light berry flavor to the tea.

Unexpected surprises

As we are ramping up to open our store in the new Harbor Square Market we are making product to put on the shelves and last night I had a minor disaster.
My math skills completely abandoned me and the lotion base we have been working on came out as soup.  I didn’t want to dump the results right away so I covered it and let it sit overnight.
Surprisingly when I checked it in the morning the oil and water had not really separated, they were water thin but everything was basically staying together.  I took a sample and rubbed it into my hands and it was quite pleasing, though it really wouldn’t work as a lotion.

A little more thinking and I had the perfect use for this.  I added it to some of the liquid castile soap base we had, washed my hands with it and thus was born our base for moisturizing hand soap.

We are looking forward to sharing all of our creations with you very soon.

What’s brewing at NPUW

Though we have been a bit stagnant online we have been hard at work coming up with a new line of personal care products.

Very soon we will be adding a section to our website featuring all natural lotions, creams, soaps, lip care and more.  All of these items have been formulated, mixed and packaged by us to ensure their quality and purity.

We will also be highlighting some items that you should look out for in your current personal care items that could be doing you more harm than the good of the other ingredients.

Be sure to keep your eyes on our page as we are very excited about this new adventure.

Getting things moving along

Our Facebook page is up and we have an autopost plugin enabled so you can see new and updated posts in Facebook, then come here to see the details.

We have submitted our application to sell on Amazon’s new platform for handmade but we also have a store up on Etsy.

We are only listing the jewelry we are making but very soon we will be launching a line of laundry soap that we make by hand using all natural ingredients and the best part is it only takes 1 Tablespoon per load.