Razor burn, we tested our products on it

We’ve all experienced razor burn and it’s awful, so you wouldn’t think anyone would intentionally give themselves razor burn would you?

As uncomfortable as it was I purchased a single blade safety razor and gave myself razor burn, multiple times.  Though uncomfortable to be sure I was able to really put a few of our products to the test, had to reteach myself how to shave and came up with a completely new product.

Let’s start with what causes razor burn.  Most commonly razor burn is caused by shaving the same spot multiple times or shaving in the wrong direction, with a safety razor it was really easy to do both.
We all know the result is very irritated skin and it’s not an easy thing to get rid of.

The first round was pretty bad, some of you locally probably saw the results, and it was a bit of a chore to get under control, to think I have been shaving wrong almost my entire adult life is an understatement.   I was going to include some images of what I went through but we did not want to disturb anyone.
Our beard oil had some soothing effects but because it is an oil it wasn’t quite enough to ebb the irritation on it’s own.  After washing a few times with a simple castile soap I got most things under control and then used our Clarity body butter which had a dramatically soothing effect.

I had a couple of similar experiences, though getting a handle on using the safety razor was quite useful there was still a missing piece to this whole experience.
It came to me when I took into account the typical shaving experience, you shave and then apply aftershave which stings like the dickens but it does the trick to tame the burn.
The problem here is that all aftershave solutions use alcohol and some other synthetic fragrances and that is just not acceptable.  I did some thinking and a little searching and our chemical free hand cleaner had part of the key to making my shaving experience what it should be.
I mixed up some witch hazel with our aloe solution and added tea tree and copaiba essential oils.  After my next shave I splashed a little bit of this solution on my face and neck and immediately I had an amazingly cool and clean feeling that prepared my skin for the next phase, moisturizing.
After my skin dried off I applied a small amount of our Wishkah Whisker Oil to my face and it completed the task providing the moisture my skin needed to recover from the whole shaving experience.

I am still using the single blade safety razor for multiple reasons and I am most happy to introduce our new Wishkah Whisker Splash.  We will be getting this and other new products packaged and on our website soon.