New and Improved Face and Eye Cream

Our Face and Eye Cream Needed an Update

We are in between orders for some of our packaging but needed to make some more eye cream and are out of the 1 oz jars we have been using.  After a run through our inventory, we realized we still have quite a few plastic bottles and one of them is a great 50ml airless treatment pump, that is a little under 2 ounces.

For a potentially limited time, we have our SVF Face and Eye Cream available in a larger container.  We also took this opportunity to reformulate it a bit and it now contains the Cucumber Hydrosol we created a while back.

Jars Will Be Back

  We are trying to use less plastic, but also need to find ways to use the plastic containers we already have in a responsible manner.   If you like the larger pump bottles please let us know, you can even use them to fill your favorite small travel container to take some with you.

We will be getting more jars, and would even like yours back so we can clean and reuse them!

New Herbal Arrivals: Butterfly Pea, Elderberry, and Hawthorn Berries!

New Herbal Arrivals

We are always adding to our inventory and our new herbal arrivals are amazing.

Butterfly Pea Tea

Clitoria TernateaClitoria Ternatea, also known as butterfly pea, Asian pidgeon wings, Shankapushi, and other names, is a flower that grows in tropical Asia, Thailand, and Malaysia.
Primarily used in treating neurological issues, especially memory and depression, it has other health benefits that Ayurvedic medicine has benefited from for generations.

Another unique property to this herb is that it will turn any clear liquid blue.  This is very whimsical and can be fun for parties as you can color your drinks naturally.  We added this to some hibiscus tea and it turned a beautiful purple.


ElderberriesLong known for their powerful antioxidants elderberries have been used to boost the immune system, prevent and cure colds and flu, lower cholesterol and more.  These have been a bit difficult to get lately as they have been in large demand due to a powerful flu season.

We like to combine these with other healing herbs to create even more powerful infusions that help everyone get over sickness faster and even prevent getting sick in the first place.

Hawthorn Berries

Hawthorn BerriesHawthorn is a well established mild heart tonic which has been especially useful in treating congestive heart failure.  We have had the cut leaves and flowers in stock for some time which are perfect for making an infusion, but the berries are what you want to use when making a decoction or tincture.

New Arrivals: Cups and Presses

We have been getting a lot of requests to sell cups of tea instead of just offering samples.  After doing research into what permits and equipment we may need to accomplish this I am happy to say we got the first order of cups, lids, sleeves, straws, and fillable tea bags.
Starting this week we will start selling 12oz cups of tea for $3.00 each which includes one serving of any of our base teas.  You will be allowed to add any of our herbs or spices to your tea for $0.10 each.  If you bring your own cup we will take $0.20 off your order but please only bring cups no larger than 16oz.


We also got our first 12oz French Press in.  These can be used to brew tea or coffee and are a great alternative to using other brewing methods.  We will continue to carry infuser balls and muslin bags as well.

All new unscented lotion

We have heard a few people trying our products that they don’t like lotions with scents and would prefer an unscented lotion.

unscented lotionThough we only use pure essential oils to provide not only a pleasing aroma but also impart other healing attributes to our lotions we decided that a unscented lotion would be a good idea to make available.
We are proud to present you with Nude.  This is our lotion base with no added essential oils so it has no smell other than a very natural nutty note that comes from the Shea butter that we recently started using.

We are sure you will love this as much as our other lotions, especially when you don’t need the benefit of the other essential oil blends and don’t want the additional scent.


A great change to our Shea Butter

One of our suppliers started carrying Shea Nilotica butter,a premium Fair Trade shea butter produced from the fruit of the Vitellaria Nilotica sub species of the Karite tree which grows across Northern Uganda.  This comes from a supplier that supports and affirms is Fair Trade, though they are not going through the certification process so they can pass as much of the proceeds back to the women that are producing this product.  To quote our supplier:
“The nuts are sourced from organically grown trees and harvested by the 1600 member women’s cooperative who are paid fair trade prices 25 – 50% above the rates women earn in the local markets”

Along with being a great replacement to our regular Shea butter we feel that purchasing this product is much more inline with our ideals and goals a a company.

If you have used our products you will not see much change other than a much smoother and less waxy feel from products with Shea butter in them.  Also we are not going to raise our prices even though this product is slightly higher priced than the Shea butter we previously used.

More beard oil options to choose from

Our Wishkah Whisker Oil has gotten a great reception for the most part, though some were taken back by our use of Patchouli oil even though we don’t use very much.
For those that prefer something a little different we formulated a new scent for our beard oil that as great vanilla undertones with a hint of sandalwood and bergamot.  Still earthy this one is a little lighter on the nose.

Since we have two beard oils it became time to name the different scents so we named our original scent “Muddy Banks” and our newest scent is called “Breakwater”.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth in Harbor Square so you can try them out.

Get ready because here we come

We haven’t posted at all lately because we have been busy busy busy.

We have finished the recipes for our lotion base, lip balm base and alcohol free hand sanitizer and we have some initial scent/flavor profiles for them.

Our lotion base has no synthetic ingredients and everything in it is there to help moisturize and repair your skin.  We were initially using a formula for the emulsifier that used borax but I am very happy to say that we have been able to the the lotion to emulsify without using borax or other emulsifiers that could cause skin drying.

Julie created our first lip balm flavor profile, Strawberry Mojito, and we have come up with the perfect balance of ingredients so it is easy to apply and feels very good on your lips.  We are looking forward to making more tantalizing flavors for you.

The last update for today is that we are looking at setting up shop very soon in our home town of Aberdeen, WA.  We will post the location once we have things finalized and hope to see you there.


What’s brewing at NPUW

Though we have been a bit stagnant online we have been hard at work coming up with a new line of personal care products.

Very soon we will be adding a section to our website featuring all natural lotions, creams, soaps, lip care and more.  All of these items have been formulated, mixed and packaged by us to ensure their quality and purity.

We will also be highlighting some items that you should look out for in your current personal care items that could be doing you more harm than the good of the other ingredients.

Be sure to keep your eyes on our page as we are very excited about this new adventure.