Gateway to the Olympics Expo – Day 2

We are open for the Gateway to the Olympics Expo

Normally we are not open on Sundays but today is special as it is the second day of the Gateway to the Olympics Expo.  There are a lot of really great vendors here along with other shops that are open today.

Sample tea of the day

Tea of the DayWe always love coming up with inventive combinations for our sample tea of the day.  Today we combined Darjeeling, Rosebuds, Galangal, and Stevia for a crisp and refreshing tea.

We have all the herbs and spices to make this and many more combinations.  We recently started carrying press and seal tea bags that you can fill up and seal with an iron, we use a mini hair straightener,  If you don’t want to assemble them yourself we would be happy to fill and seal the bags with your choice of teas, herbs, and spices.

Tippy the Owl

Tippy the OwlHave you read this great children’s book from Erica Corban?  This is a wonderful story with a great lesson and fantastiillustrationsns.

This book makes a great anytime gift for parents and little ones alike.  We only have four copies on our shelf but will definitely be ordering more once these are sold.

Beeswax candles from Gathered Sunlight

Gathered SunlightYesterday we lit one of the small votive candles from Gathered Sunlight that we carry.  This little candle provided such a wonderful atmosphere in our store and it burned for over seven hours, we were told that this is longer than most emergency candles that are full chemicals.

We have a wide variety of candles and you don’t have to light them if you don’t want to.

Bulk Lotions and Sunscreen

We have been moving our lotions and other products into bulk dispensing containers to help reduce the waste going into our landfills and allow you to bring in your own favorite container and fill it up, though we ask that you allow us to fill it for you.

Bulk Lotions

Bulk LotionWe have our Nude and Bay Breeze lotions available right now.  Nude is just our lotion base with no scents added but does have a slight chocolate note from the cocoa butter we use.  Bay Breeze harnesses tangerine and laurel bay essential oils for this brisk scent that is very reminiscent of the ocean.

All of our lotions are created from scratch by us using high-quality oils and additives.  We never use harsh synthetic chemicals, petroleum by-products, and toxic preservatives.


Bulk SunscreenHave you seen the reports about chemical sunscreens and how they are killing off the coral reefs in Hawaii?  The toxic chemical laden sunscreens that you get off the shelf are the reason we created our own using oils that have natural SPF value as well as a touch of zinc oxide that provides a mineral sunblock as well.

We also have our sunscreen with bug repellent in it that we call Sunny Day Skeeter Salve.  We tested this at multiple locations to make sure it had great sun protection and repels insects.

Our bottles don’t waste lotion

Regular pump bottles don’t cut it

Empty BottleWe have all been here, the bottles pump won’t pump any more lotion out and there is a bunch sticking to the wall teasing us and taunting us to try to get that last bit out by any means possible.

When we started making lotions we tried a few different bottles, including the evil device pictured here, and initially we were happy with a simple squeeze bottle with a flip top cap.  We figured that we were simply doomed to have that bit of lotion that we’ll never get out of the bottle and we would have to deal with it.

Being a very frugal, some would say cheap, person I was not okay with throwing in the towel and simply accepting this ugly and wasteful fate.  We continued to look at different delivery vessels and stumbled upon the most magnificent thing we had ever seen.

Airless pump bottles to the rescue

Our search for the perfect bottle ended when we found airless pump bottles.  The design is very simple and uses a diaphragm that is pulled up from the bottom and pushes all of the lotion out of the bottle.

This bottle ensures that you will get every last bit of lotion out of the bottle.  To the right is my personal bottle of lotion after it stopped dispensing for me.  As you can see there is just a tad bit of lotion left over and getting it out is as simple as popping the top off and extracting it with your finger.

Another benefit to these bottles is that the diaphragm can be pushed back down to the bottom and the bottle refilled.  The bottle should be thoroughly cleaned before putting anything else in it and we are working on this process to help reduce waste and cost so you can continue to enjoy your favorite NPUW lotion.

Alcohol in skin care products

What is with all of the alcohol in skin care products?

Alcohol in our lotions?We found ourselves asking this question quite often when we began our journey into creating natural personal care products.  After pouring over a lot of technical information on what alcohols are and their differences we were surprised to find out that not all alcohols are equal.
Just because it has the word alcohol in it doesn’t mean it is bad for you, and the right alcohols, known as fatty alcohols 1, are very good for you and are essential for making that smooth lotion we all love so much.

The Good Alcohols

Though not a complete list you will usually see Stearyl, Cetyl and Cetearyl Alcohol2 in your products.
These alcohols are typically derived from plant matter such as coconut oil and are what allow the oils and waters to emulsify into a smooth lotion.  The right fatty alcohols will also add to the benefits of the lotion by adding penetration so the other nutrients can get below the skin where they are most beneficial.
If you dig deeper you will also find that Cetearyl alcohol is a mixture of Stearyl and Cetyl alcohols and you will probably ask why are both needed?  This is where a lot of the chemistry of a lotion is done and just Cetearyl alcohol is not always enough to join the oil and water together.  Adding the individual Stearyl and Cetyl alcohols allows the lotion maker to fine tune the lotion to get the desired smoothness and complete emulsification.

Alcohols to avoid

Now that we know what is good for us, let’s talk about some of the alcohols that you want to avoid.  Alcohol, ethanol, ethyl alcohol, Isopropanol, isopropyl alcohol, IPA are just a few that we have found, there are many others and we encourage you to google ingredients before buying a product.
The most common one you will find is Isopropyl alcohol also known as rubbing alcohol 3.  This alcohol should not be used for anything other than thinning shellac but it is commonly used to thin out a lotion and provide a drying effect when using oils that don’t readily absorb into the skin.

All new unscented lotion

We have heard a few people trying our products that they don’t like lotions with scents and would prefer an unscented lotion.

unscented lotionThough we only use pure essential oils to provide not only a pleasing aroma but also impart other healing attributes to our lotions we decided that a unscented lotion would be a good idea to make available.
We are proud to present you with Nude.  This is our lotion base with no added essential oils so it has no smell other than a very natural nutty note that comes from the Shea butter that we recently started using.

We are sure you will love this as much as our other lotions, especially when you don’t need the benefit of the other essential oil blends and don’t want the additional scent.


Unexpected surprises

As we are ramping up to open our store in the new Harbor Square Market we are making product to put on the shelves and last night I had a minor disaster.
My math skills completely abandoned me and the lotion base we have been working on came out as soup.  I didn’t want to dump the results right away so I covered it and let it sit overnight.
Surprisingly when I checked it in the morning the oil and water had not really separated, they were water thin but everything was basically staying together.  I took a sample and rubbed it into my hands and it was quite pleasing, though it really wouldn’t work as a lotion.

A little more thinking and I had the perfect use for this.  I added it to some of the liquid castile soap base we had, washed my hands with it and thus was born our base for moisturizing hand soap.

We are looking forward to sharing all of our creations with you very soon.

Bad ingredients update

We just updated our page where we are listing the ingredients we have found in other products that you may be using right now that are not good for you

We will be updating this page as we find new items that we want to avoid in our own products.  What is really frightening is a lot of these show up on the ingredients list far above any of the beneficial ingredients.

We are really looking forward to providing you with great products without the junk.

Get ready because here we come

We haven’t posted at all lately because we have been busy busy busy.

We have finished the recipes for our lotion base, lip balm base and alcohol free hand sanitizer and we have some initial scent/flavor profiles for them.

Our lotion base has no synthetic ingredients and everything in it is there to help moisturize and repair your skin.  We were initially using a formula for the emulsifier that used borax but I am very happy to say that we have been able to the the lotion to emulsify without using borax or other emulsifiers that could cause skin drying.

Julie created our first lip balm flavor profile, Strawberry Mojito, and we have come up with the perfect balance of ingredients so it is easy to apply and feels very good on your lips.  We are looking forward to making more tantalizing flavors for you.

The last update for today is that we are looking at setting up shop very soon in our home town of Aberdeen, WA.  We will post the location once we have things finalized and hope to see you there.


What’s brewing at NPUW

Though we have been a bit stagnant online we have been hard at work coming up with a new line of personal care products.

Very soon we will be adding a section to our website featuring all natural lotions, creams, soaps, lip care and more.  All of these items have been formulated, mixed and packaged by us to ensure their quality and purity.

We will also be highlighting some items that you should look out for in your current personal care items that could be doing you more harm than the good of the other ingredients.

Be sure to keep your eyes on our page as we are very excited about this new adventure.