Foragers Wanted!

Good morning, I hope everyone got to work/school and the such safely.  Today’s tea is Darjeeling with Hibiscus, Galangal, and Stevia which will give you a little caffeine kick with a nice citrus and ginger finish.  We really like to use stevia leaf in our blends as it adds natural sweetness without calories and is very easy to control in its leaf form.

We are also looking for Foragers to help provide some local medicinal herbs to our store.  If you have access to land that you commonly forage and there are no pesticides or other contamination we would like to talk to you.  We are working on a verification system to ensure we are getting quality ingredients that were harvested in a sustainable manner and with proper permissions.

Darjeeling Tea with a Twist

For our tea today I mixed our Organic Darjeeling tea with some Galangal and a little bit of clove.  It has a very pleasant spicy flavor to it that really enhances the flavors of the Darjeeling tea.

We enjoy creating little blends like this and also having the herbs and teas so you can create your own unique cup.

Keemun Darjeeling Blend, What Kind of Blend Can You Make?

The other day we were asked what you could blend Keemun Congou with as it is a popular tea to use in blends.
Today we decided to blend it with our Darjeeling tea.  Both types of tea have a very light flavor but are distinctly different and should play nicely on the palate.

Why not create your own blend.  We have 8 unique teas and even more herbs and spices all of which can be used to add medicinal properties and enhance the flavor of your tea.  You can buy as little as 14 grams of each item which is typically under $1.00, this way you can experiment and when you have found your perfect cup you can purchase larger quantities of the tea, herbs, and spices you know you want.