Pellucid Non-Toxic Hand Cleaner

$3.00 plus tax

We designed this hand cleaner to be very effective at creating an environment that is not kind to bacteria but also will not dry out or otherwise damage your skin.


Most hand sanitizers out there are alcohol based suspended in a petroleum byproduct of some sort.  Though it will kill off most bacteria it is also very detrimental to your hands and skin.  Pellucid uses a combination of essential oils to create an environment that is not friendly for bacteria and is suspended in Witch Hazel which is a powerful astringent.

We called this pellucid because we want you to know that it is clear of any harsh chemicals yet it will help clean and protect your hands.

There is only one scent to this product as the essential oil blend is crucial to making this a successful cleaner.  As an added benefit it will also help keep bugs away.

The 10ml glass bottle is reusable and only has a small amount of plastic in the sprayer.  Be sure to pickup a 2oz refill to keep your sprayer full.

Additional information

Weight .049 lbs
Dimensions .625 × 1 × 5.5 in

15ml Pocket Spray, 4 oz filler bottle


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