Personal Care

Our journey into making handcrafted personal care items began with a simple question.  Have you ever used a lotion and shortly after your skin felt dry again, or worse you broke out from an allergic reaction?

We ran into these exact issues with some very high-end lotions that were advertised as all natural, super-hydrating and a million other buzzwords meant to lull you into believing you were doing the right thing for your body.
Thus began our journey to find out what was causing these products to not work or cause other issues.  What we found was that in order to preserve these products, that may sit on a shelf for a year before being sold, they were using some very harsh preservatives and other chemicals that are harsh to those of us with sensitive skin and dry it out almost as much as it hydrates it.

As we were unable to find an over the counter product to suit our needs we decided we needed to take action and figure out how to make these items ourselves.  After a lot of research into which oils and butters are good for us and what essential oils will provide a healing benefit as well as a pleasant smell, we started to make lotions.

Admittedly our first formulas were not very successful but after much trial and error we got the process down and created our lotion base that is wonderfully hydrating, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry.

Our journey continues as we explore making many more items that we use and we know you will love.