New Healing Salve in Testing

Healing Salve

Healing SalveSince we started making products we have been formulating and refining a general use healing salve.  We made one version last year and had good results but we wanted to apply some of our more recent research to that recipe and test it some more.

One set back with a product like this is that we need to find injuries to test it on.  Luckily I am about to get another tattoo which presents a wonderful opportunity to test this on some pretty serious skin damage without having to wait until I do something dumb.

We are blending some oils you don’t always hear about like Chia seed, Pomegranate seed, and Cranberry seed which all have strong rejuvenation properties and help fight infections.  The essential oil blend we will be using will enhance the properties of the oils and provide even more protection and healing.

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