New Arrivals: Cups and Presses

We have been getting a lot of requests to sell cups of tea instead of just offering samples.  After doing research into what permits and equipment we may need to accomplish this I am happy to say we got the first order of cups, lids, sleeves, straws, and fillable tea bags.
Starting this week we will start selling 12oz cups of tea for $3.00 each which includes one serving of any of our base teas.  You will be allowed to add any of our herbs or spices to your tea for $0.10 each.  If you bring your own cup we will take $0.20 off your order but please only bring cups no larger than 16oz.


We also got our first 12oz French Press in.  These can be used to brew tea or coffee and are a great alternative to using other brewing methods.  We will continue to carry infuser balls and muslin bags as well.

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