New and Improved Face and Eye Cream

Face and Eye Cream

Our Face and Eye Cream Needed an Update

We are in between orders for some of our packaging but needed to make some more eye cream and are out of the 1 oz jars we have been using.  After a run through our inventory, we realized we still have quite a few plastic bottles and one of them is a great 50ml airless treatment pump, that is a little under 2 ounces.

For a potentially limited time, we have our SVF Face and Eye Cream available in a larger container.  We also took this opportunity to reformulate it a bit and it now contains the Cucumber Hydrosol we created a while back.

Jars Will Be Back

  We are trying to use less plastic, but also need to find ways to use the plastic containers we already have in a responsible manner.   If you like the larger pump bottles please let us know, you can even use them to fill your favorite small travel container to take some with you.

We will be getting more jars, and would even like yours back so we can clean and reuse them!

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