A Word About Mung Beans

I would like to talk a bit about mung beans as there are some very interesting side effects that are good to know.  Warning, there will be talk of bodily functions though I will try not to get too graphic.

It Could Get a Little Messy

Unfortunately part way into this experiment my daughter and I came down with a bit of a stomach bug which mostly caused intense diarrhoea.  This was compounded by a similar effect that mung beans can have on some people resulting in a rather uncomfortable couple of days.

If you are planning on starting treatment with mung beans I would be a bit cautious if your bowels are sensitive and take some counter measures to help reduce the loosening effects.

Goji Berries to the Rescue

One of the recipes I found for mung bean soup mentioned adding goji berries to the soup if the mung beans were being a bit too aggressive on the bowel.  Another reference I found mentioned being cautious with the amount of beans you ingest if they are under-cooked as this is an expected result.
Thus, I have reduced the amount of mung beans I am using to 1 tablespoon and I have added three chopped goji berries to the mix.

Why am I Testing Everyday?

The last time I took my blood pressure it came out at 147/83, a jump higher than the 124 that it had been the previous day.  I know that part of this jump was my body being under a lot of stress with the stomach bug, but I am thinking that trying to test this every day was getting to be a bit much.
I am going to start testing about 2 times a week now which will hopefully reduce any stress from trying to get out to the test machine in a timely manner, and it will give more time for everything to settle in.

How I am Feeling Now

I won’t lie, I live a very stressful life and it is very difficult to relieve that stress without allowing certain things to become neglected.  This alone creates a situation that hypertension thrives in and is one of the largest aspects of my life I am attempting to change along with doing things to help my body stabilise.
Since starting the mung bean tea regimen I have noticed a lot of fluctuation with my body temperature.  Without any changes to the ambient temperature I will notice that I will cycle from hot to cold and then just parts of my body getting cold and then warming up.  I don’t really have anyone else to compare notes with on this so I would love to hear from any of you that are trying this and what your thoughts are, comments are open.

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