Do You DiY?

Do You Do it Yourself (DiY)?

Oils Containers and MoreIf you like to DiY then you will love our selection of bulk materials, containers and more.  Behind our counter, we have bulk oils, hydrosols, additives, and more.   We also have a lot of knowledge that we are happy to share to help you be successful in making your own creation.

Need a Container?

Foamer and other bottles and jarsYou are free to bring your own containers that we can fill for you but if you need one we have a variety of them for you to choose from.  Squirt bottles, glass apothecary jars, plastic jars, and foamer bottles.
We had a nice little surprise with our foamer bottles too as they have a twist to lock function so you can prevent it from dispensing while being transported.

We Have the Beeswax You Have Been Looking For

Last summer we got some amazing beeswax from Mickelberry Gardens in Gresham, Oregon and we have been using this in our products since then.

Their beeswax comes from apiaries in the Pacific Northwest where the bees are kept on organic farms and are treatment free.  We also love that the wax comes from the cappings that get sliced off the honey comb during the honey making process.

We have the wax in blocks that range from 80 to 85 grams but we would be happy to slice a chunk off for you if you don’t need that much.