Candles and Tea to Chase the Blues Away

Candles by Gathered Sunlight

Candle Forest FriendsThese pure beeswax candles from Gathered Sunlight use beeswax from the Pacific Northwest and when you light them they bring a nice warmth to your surroundings and help naturally ionize the air.
They come in many shapes and sizes and our favorites are the gnomes, fairies, and mushrooms as we can display them in all sorts of fun panoramas.

Blues Buster Tea

When I got up this morning my sinuses were going bonkers and no wonder with the crazy up and down weather we are having.  To help brighten things up a bit and get my body back under control I took to our shelves and came up with an herbal blend that hit the spot.
This tea has equal parts of Coriander, Galangal, Lemongrass, Nettle, Peppermint, and Stevia leaf which produces a wonderfully spicy, citrus, minty, and slightly sweet flavor and it is caffeine free.  The herbs are also a great combination to help clear the sinuses and bolster your immune system.

Made to Order Blends

Have you tasted one of our samples recently and just wanted to buy some tea bags with that blend in it?  Or perhaps you have a blend in mind but you don’t want to go through the hassle of measuring out the components into your bag or infuser, you just want to put the bag in some hot water and sit down with your cup of deliciousness.
We hear you and very soon we will be offering a service to bag up your tea.  Each bag will have just the right amount of the tea of your choice and will typically brew two to three cups.


Do You DiY?

Do You Do it Yourself (DiY)?

Oils Containers and MoreIf you like to DiY then you will love our selection of bulk materials, containers and more.  Behind our counter, we have bulk oils, hydrosols, additives, and more.   We also have a lot of knowledge that we are happy to share to help you be successful in making your own creation.

Need a Container?

Foamer and other bottles and jarsYou are free to bring your own containers that we can fill for you but if you need one we have a variety of them for you to choose from.  Squirt bottles, glass apothecary jars, plastic jars, and foamer bottles.
We had a nice little surprise with our foamer bottles too as they have a twist to lock function so you can prevent it from dispensing while being transported.


Bags for Tea and Soap

At long last, we have finally restocked our supply of reusable muslin tea bags.  We were out for a time as we wanted to see if we could find a higher quality bag and we were successful.  These bags are great for brewing teas that have finer leaves like Rooibos and Chai, you can also use them to brew large batches of tea with just one bag.  When you are done brewing your tea you can dump the contents, rinse it off and let it dry for your next brew.

While we were searching for tea bags we also came across these great cotton textured bags for holding soap bars.  These bags are made of organic cotton, hold a 112 gram (that’s 4 ounces) bar of soap, and gives you a nice minor abrasive that can help exfoliate your skin while you wash.

Be sure to come in and sample our tea of the day, English Breakfast with Raspberry leaf and Stevia.  English Breakfast tea is a great mental stimulator with powerful antioxidants and Raspberry leaf is great for digestive issues, cramps as well as imparting a light berry flavor to the tea.


Body Wash Has Arrived!

For a little over two years, we have been working on perfecting a liquid Castille soap base which we have successfully made facial soap and last night we perfected a recipe for moisturizing body wash.
Our body wash uses our soap base which is made with olive oil, babassu oil, and shea butter and we combined it with apricot kernel oil, shea butter, argan oil, and organic emulsifying wax.  This is a very tricky process and after much trial and error, we have finished our liquid body wash recipe which has come out to be rich and creamy and produces a very nice lather.

Once we have the labeling done we will be introducing this as Bay Breeze Body Wash which will have Tangerine and Bay essential oils.  We are very excited and will let you know when this is available.


We Have Tippy the Owl on Our Shelves

We had a visit yesterday from the amazing Ericka Corban and she dropped off 15 copies of her book “Tippy the Owl”.  This book is a whimsical story about a little owl that just can’t stay in his bed and how he and his friend solved the problem.  Along with a fantastic story the illustrations are delightful and make the book an entire experience.  We are very happy to have this as our first book for sale in our store.

For our tea today we prepared Earl Grey with mandarin peel.  We found that the mandarin accents the bergamot in Earl Grey tea beautifully.  We can also serve you a 12oz cup of tea that you can customize by choosing any of our base teas and adding onto it using any of the herbs and spices on our shelves.

Have a great Saturday and be sure to visit the Shoppes at Riverside mall.


Tea of the Day and New Service

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Good morning, we hope everyone was safe yesterday and got to have some fun in the snow.  We are back in the store and have a fresh hot pot of tea for you to sample.  Today’s tea is made with Bancha, Keemun Congou, Lemon Verbena, and Galangal which has a very rich slightly sweet and minty with a citrus finish.

We also have our new tea service set up so you can come in and get your own custom cup of tea for just $3.00.  Take your pick from any of our premium base teas and add onto it from our selection of herbs, spices, and teas for just $0.10 per add-on, limited to 4 add-ons.  We will combine these for you into a compostable tea bag and add it to a cup of perfectly heated water.
When you are all done with your cup of tea the cup, sleeve, and bag can all be composted and the lid can be put into your plastic recycling container.

While you are enjoying your tea be sure to have a look at our other items and visit the other stores in the mall.


New Arrivals: Cups and Presses

We have been getting a lot of requests to sell cups of tea instead of just offering samples.  After doing research into what permits and equipment we may need to accomplish this I am happy to say we got the first order of cups, lids, sleeves, straws, and fillable tea bags.
Starting this week we will start selling 12oz cups of tea for $3.00 each which includes one serving of any of our base teas.  You will be allowed to add any of our herbs or spices to your tea for $0.10 each.  If you bring your own cup we will take $0.20 off your order but please only bring cups no larger than 16oz.


We also got our first 12oz French Press in.  These can be used to brew tea or coffee and are a great alternative to using other brewing methods.  We will continue to carry infuser balls and muslin bags as well.


Pomade, Beard and Lip Balm

We have been getting a lot of requests for a Pomade, requests for Beard Balm, and a few guys are still on the fence about Lip Balm.  We answered the call for all three in our new product we are calling Triple Threat.
As with all our products, we came up with a unique combination of oils and essential oils and thoroughly tested them to make sure they work properly.  Triple Threat has just the right combination of oils and beeswax to style your hair, condition your beard, and yes keep your lips moist and healthy.


A Fond Fair Well to Dead Sea Salt

For a number of years, we have enjoyed the benefits of dead sea salt.  Rich in magnesium and other essential minerals it has served to help heal a number of ailments.

The sad reality is that the primary water sources to the Dead Sea have been mostly diverted and it is disappearing at an alarming rate.  One story we read spoke about a stairway that was built to ease access to the Dead Sea which is now quite a distance away from the water.

As we are devoted to using materials that can be sustainably sourced we will discontinue the use of Dead Sea salt in our products.  We are currently working on a unique blend of other sea salts to use in our products and provide a healthy alternative for you.