Our bottles don’t waste lotion

Regular pump bottles don’t cut it

Empty BottleWe have all been here, the bottles pump won’t pump any more lotion out and there is a bunch sticking to the wall teasing us and taunting us to try to get that last bit out by any means possible.

When we started making lotions we tried a few different bottles, including the evil device pictured here, and initially we were happy with a simple squeeze bottle with a flip top cap.  We figured that we were simply doomed to have that bit of lotion that we’ll never get out of the bottle and we would have to deal with it.

Being a very frugal, some would say cheap, person I was not okay with throwing in the towel and simply accepting this ugly and wasteful fate.  We continued to look at different delivery vessels and stumbled upon the most magnificent thing we had ever seen.

Airless pump bottles to the rescue

Our search for the perfect bottle ended when we found airless pump bottles.  The design is very simple and uses a diaphragm that is pulled up from the bottom and pushes all of the lotion out of the bottle.

This bottle ensures that you will get every last bit of lotion out of the bottle.  To the right is my personal bottle of lotion after it stopped dispensing for me.  As you can see there is just a tad bit of lotion left over and getting it out is as simple as popping the top off and extracting it with your finger.

Another benefit to these bottles is that the diaphragm can be pushed back down to the bottom and the bottle refilled.  The bottle should be thoroughly cleaned before putting anything else in it and we are working on this process to help reduce waste and cost so you can continue to enjoy your favorite NPUW lotion.

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