About NPUW

Welcome to North Pacific Utopian Wares

We are Julie and Nathan Kennedy and we are happy to welcome you to NPUW.  We are a wife and husband team devoted to creating all natural skin care and bath products that don’t use synthetic or unnecessary ingredients that don’t do anything but prolong its shelf life and make it cheaper to produce.

All natural skin care and bath products

In our shop you will find our handcrafted products as well as some other local products that we have found that complement our own products.  We are always adding new items so be sure to check back often and check our posts to see what we are up to.

Beyond what we make

When we started in 2015 our focus was on products that we could make that enrich peoples lives.  Since then we have met some amazing people and other crafters that make different products that complement ours or are much different but share our values.

This has allowed us to expand into our own brick and mortar storefront and showcase their products alongside our own.

Education and Information

We are always learning new things and we want to share that with you so you can make an informed decision on what products you are using.
Under the Personal Care menu you will find links to our essential oil blends, base ingredients and a list of ingredients we avoid and why.


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