Getting ready for distillation

We have been super busy making new products that are targeted at helping you to get natural products in your house to make sure what you are putting on your body will actually help you.
We have also been looking to our future and the need to make sure that the products we are using are sustainably produced and sourced as locally as possible.  Above is our first steam distillation setup that I have laid out so I can create a base for it to sit upon while it distills our oils.
We are super excited to start distilling our own essential oils which will be used in our products and available for purchase.  We will also be using the resulting hydrosols for use in our lotions and other products.

Our first distillation will be Lavender which we got earlier this year from Dales Lavender Valley  and it has been dried and stored just for this purpose.
Once the still is setup we will be sure to post some pictures and videos of the process so you can be a part of our continuing journey.

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