A Fond Fair Well to Dead Sea Salt

For a number of years, we have enjoyed the benefits of dead sea salt.  Rich in magnesium and other essential minerals it has served to help heal a number of ailments.

The sad reality is that the primary water sources to the Dead Sea have been mostly diverted and it is disappearing at an alarming rate.  One story we read spoke about a stairway that was built to ease access to the Dead Sea which is now quite a distance away from the water.

As we are devoted to using materials that can be sustainably sourced we will discontinue the use of Dead Sea salt in our products.  We are currently working on a unique blend of other sea salts to use in our products and provide a healthy alternative for you.


We Have the Beeswax You Have Been Looking For

Last summer we got some amazing beeswax from Mickelberry Gardens in Gresham, Oregon and we have been using this in our products since then.

Their beeswax comes from apiaries in the Pacific Northwest where the bees are kept on organic farms and are treatment free.  We also love that the wax comes from the cappings that get sliced off the honey comb during the honey making process.

We have the wax in blocks that range from 80 to 85 grams but we would be happy to slice a chunk off for you if you don’t need that much.

Cough Remedy and Immune Booster

When our herbs arrived I needed to test out a few things like our scale, bags, and measuring devices.  To accomplish this I decided to make a blend that would hopefully help with our daughters seemingly non-stop cough, you know that one we all get this time of year and none of the cold remedies work?

I sat down with some of our herb books and decided on 3 herbs that would make up the remedy: 2g Galangal root, 1g Mullein Leaf, and 1g Echinacea leaf.   I took this home and simmered it in 473ml of water (that’s about 2 cups) for 5 minutes and then let it rest for another 15 minutes before straining.

The resulting infusion was very pleasing to smell and our daughter gobbled up the spoonful that I gave her without any foul remarks or issues.  That night she was not coughing and when she woke up she was quite chipper.

New Healing Salve in Testing

Healing SalveSince we started making products we have been formulating and refining a general use healing salve.  We made one version last year and had good results but we wanted to apply some of our more recent research to that recipe and test it some more.

One set back with a product like this is that we need to find injuries to test it on.  Luckily I am about to get another tattoo which presents a wonderful opportunity to test this on some pretty serious skin damage without having to wait until I do something dumb.

We are blending some oils you don’t always hear about like Chia seed, Pomegranate seed, and Cranberry seed which all have strong rejuvenation properties and help fight infections.  The essential oil blend we will be using will enhance the properties of the oils and provide even more protection and healing.