Unexpected surprises

As we are ramping up to open our store in the new Harbor Square Market we are making product to put on the shelves and last night I had a minor disaster.
My math skills completely abandoned me and the lotion base we have been working on came out as soup.  I didn’t want to dump the results right away so I covered it and let it sit overnight.
Surprisingly when I checked it in the morning the oil and water had not really separated, they were water thin but everything was basically staying together.  I took a sample and rubbed it into my hands and it was quite pleasing, though it really wouldn’t work as a lotion.

A little more thinking and I had the perfect use for this.  I added it to some of the liquid castile soap base we had, washed my hands with it and thus was born our base for moisturizing hand soap.

We are looking forward to sharing all of our creations with you very soon.

Bad ingredients update

We just updated our page where we are listing the ingredients we have found in other products that you may be using right now that are not good for you https://www.npuw.biz/?page_id=29

We will be updating this page as we find new items that we want to avoid in our own products.  What is really frightening is a lot of these show up on the ingredients list far above any of the beneficial ingredients.

We are really looking forward to providing you with great products without the junk.

Get ready because here we come

We haven’t posted at all lately because we have been busy busy busy.

We have finished the recipes for our lotion base, lip balm base and alcohol free hand sanitizer and we have some initial scent/flavor profiles for them.

Our lotion base has no synthetic ingredients and everything in it is there to help moisturize and repair your skin.  We were initially using a formula for the emulsifier that used borax but I am very happy to say that we have been able to the the lotion to emulsify without using borax or other emulsifiers that could cause skin drying.

Julie created our first lip balm flavor profile, Strawberry Mojito, and we have come up with the perfect balance of ingredients so it is easy to apply and feels very good on your lips.  We are looking forward to making more tantalizing flavors for you.

The last update for today is that we are looking at setting up shop very soon in our home town of Aberdeen, WA.  We will post the location once we have things finalized and hope to see you there.